What Google's Helpful Content Update Means for CPG Brands

Amanda Ashley
Post by Amanda Ashley
August 28, 2022
What Google's Helpful Content Update Means for CPG Brands

Google's latest update to its search ranking algorithm is being called the most significant change in a decade.

Branded by Google as "The Helpful Content Update", the change takes aim at websites with lots of content that was only created to improve search engine performance and does not actually help or inform people.  Conversely, the update will serve to amplify websites that offer up a satisfying user experience. 

Google has noted that the websites most likely to be affected include:

  • Online educational materials
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Tech-related content

These types of websites, according to Google, have historically been the biggest offenders of building content for SEO rather than the user.

How to make sure your DTC website is ready

In short, your best bet to make sure your direct-to-consumer website continues to be discoverable is to always provide content that matches your brand story and value proposition. 

1.  Know your customer.

Once you figure out your target customer, you'll know how to create content just for them.  Consider their age, gender, pain points and daily challenges as well as which social platforms they use and the tone or voice that best resonates with them.

2. Make sure your content highlights your product. 

Utilize your expert knowledge on your brand's niche topics, rather than going for broader or high value search terms that aren't a match for the product you sell.

3. Answer your target shopper's questions.

Use your blog or other website content to answer questions that someone likely has about the category where your product lives.  Look for the opportunity to guide a customer through a process.  

4. Offer up dynamic, first-hand expertise

Demonstrate your knowledge of the category or shopper need by using video and images to tell a first-hand story to highlight your own experience with the topic.  Your content should fully answer the user's question and not leave them heading back to Google to search the topic again.

The bottom line

The "Helpful Content Update" is simply Google's effort to make sure searchers are connected to content that will provide comprehensive, accurate information.  So your best bet is to find and stick to your niche.

Google says they started rolling out the "Helpful Content Update" in late August and it will take a couple of week's to get all the changes fully in place. 


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Amanda Ashley
Post by Amanda Ashley
August 28, 2022
Marketing Director for BOLD