Unlock the Potential of Your Brand Across eRetailers

Our clients achieve an average of 54% annualized growth with BOLD’s People, Playbook, and Technology




To compete effectively in today’s crowded CPG landscape, you need an edge.

With proven market assessment, optimization, and growth capabilities, BOLD is the only eCommerce partner that can help you both before and after you launch.


Transform your marketing.

In 2017, we launched the first ever end-to-end eCommerce agency that brought together Pure Play, Omni, and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) selling. Our team has been delighting the world’s most innovative brands ever since!

Designed for simplicity, our service features a flat-rate that includes both people and the technology needed to optimize your media and digital shelf. We save our average client more than 50% over costly in-house alternatives.


70% of CPG products fail within 2 years of launch.

 We help brands test market their innovation online before incurring the costs of a full-scale national launch. Our Digital Test Markets and proprietary OptiBrain™ software provide Size of the Prize and detailed optimization suggestions.

In addition to full scale test markets, Bold Labs also features an expert conversion rate optimization (CRO) team that can help you fine-tune your website or retail messaging, imagery, claims, and user experience.

Case Studies

Learn how our clients achieved big successes with a little help from Team BOLD 

Silver Hills Bakery

When Silver Hills, one of Canada’s leading bakeries, planned their expansion into the USA, they picked BOLD to lead every element of their eCommerce strategy. In less than 6 months, BOLD built the company’s DTC website, got them set up on Amazon, and developed a comprehensive marketing plan. With BOLD’s help, the company went from zero to $ millions in just one year, all while achieving profitability goals!

Lillie’s of Charleston

In just a few years, Lillie’s of Charleston has grown from a small regional business to a major player in the Sauces and Rubs category. BOLD has been there every step of the way. In addition to setting the brand up for success online, BOLD led a major rebranding effort that led to incremental distribution and increased sales across channels.

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Lemi Shine

Lemi Shine is a pioneer in the Natural Products space and can be found across major retailers. In 2019, the brand decided that it was time to get serious about eCommerce and they hired the experts at BOLD to put a plan in place. BOLD upgraded the brand’s approach on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Web leading to a tripling of the business and an over 200% improvement in ROAS.

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“We have partnered with BOLD and have been impressed by the skillset of the team, as well as their professionalism, level of accountability and ownership.”


Josie Padilla

Chief Operating Officer, KORA Organics

“From initial market research to new product launches they have been there for us every step of the way. I can’t recommend their team enough!”


Nathan Underhill

President, iSee Store Innovations

“BOLD came in and designed an integrated capability including DTC, Retail, and Media. We’ve exceeded our forecast thanks to their help!”


Danny Houghton

President, Carbonaut