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Trolli and Silver Hills Bakery ecommerce omnichannel (5)

Silver Hills Bakery

One of Canada’s leading bakeries, Silver Hills, wanted to quickly build a strong, omnichannel eCommerce presence to boost growth. With BOLD’s knowledgeable and proficient teams, Silver Hills had a DTC website, Amazon page, and comprehensive marketing plan up and running in under 6 months, resulting in:

  • 20% bump in conversions
  • 38% increase in media ROI
  • 201% annualized growth on Amazon

Lemi Shine

Lemi Shine is a pioneer in the Natural Products space and is found across major retailers. In 2019, the brand decided it was time to get serious about eCommerce. They partnered with the BOLD experts to upgrade the brand’s approach on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Web, leading to:

  • A tripling of the business
  • 230%+ improvement in ROAS
  • Continual growth in profit

Lillie's of Charleston

Lillie’s of Charleston, a local BBQ favorite from Charleston, was seeking to scale their product nationally. They knew it was time to take advantage of Amazon’s capabilities, but needed help. BOLD Strategies became Lillie’s one-stop-shop for optimizing and growing their digital market. Brand sales have skyrocketed!

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