Power Up Your eCommerce with Video

Allan Peretz
Post by Allan Peretz
August 4, 2021
Power Up Your eCommerce with Video

Did you know that video is now the most popular way that shoppers consume product information? 60% of shoppers would rather watch than read and a full 92% of marketers have integrated video into their strategies. If you're not using video across your eCommerce shelf and media, it's time to start!

First of all, WHY Does Video Work?

  • It grabs attention: As a survival mechanism, our brains are tuned to spot movement quickly. Depending on where you fit in the food chain, that movement can either be a big threat or your next meal. Your brain quickly spots video online too - if you want something to stand out, just add motion!
  • It's information-rich:  With a single photo, you get to see just one moment and one angle. In addition to showing more of a thing, video can also convey how the thing moves, how it sounds, and even how it feels or tastes.
  • It inspires emotion: Have you ever cried when watching your favorite drama? If so, you've experienced the emotional impact of video. Storytelling, music, color, and visuals all come together to make you feel more.
  • It's easier than reading: Video is highly passive. One click is all that's required - you avoid all that pesky scrolling, mousing around, and eye movement. Less friction means more sales.
  • It makes your brand stand out: Despite being a priority for brands, the majority of product pages available on brand and retailer sites are still "video free." Including video adds a level of finish to your content that sets you apart from others.

WHERE should you be using video?

  • On your retail product pages: According to Amazon, shoppers who watch a video are 3.6 times more likely to convert! A higher conversion rate makes everything better at retail - not only do your sales go up but your organic rankings and media ROI also improve.
  • On your DTC store and landing pages: Not surprisingly, video can also turbo-charge your own site. It increases page conversion rates by 80% (or more based on some estimates) and even helps you rank better on Google since bounce rates are decreased and dwell time is increased.
  • In ratings and reviews: Not surprisingly, shoppers would rather watch than read a review of your product. Services like Bazaarvoice can help you to generate more video review content which can then be syndicated to certain retailer websites (unfortunately not Amazon.com). On your own DTC site, there are many different ways to accumulate and display video reviews. Consider using them on item pages, shelf pages, and even on your checkout page! Tools like Yotpo can make all of this "plug and play" for your site's dev team.
  • In your advertising: There are more ways than every to use video in your advertising efforts. In addition to traditional YouTube pre-roll and social media promoted video, it's easier than ever to drive your business on major streaming properties like Hulu and Prime Video with OTT (over the top) TV buys. Amazon's Sponsored Brands Video is an autoplay format that provides a whole new level of "disruption" within search results. Expect other retailers to quickly follow with their own video ad offerings!
  • On live shopping venues: Although slow to catch on in the US (so far), live stream eCommerce ("Shoppertainment") is a global phenomenon and the successor to the cable shopping networks of old. Facebook's Live Shopping and Amazon Live are each pushing their own versions of this experience. In the meantime, Walmart continues to experiment with TikTok and their own live shopping events.

Brands that have an established audience or are willing to invest in audience building and the right types of content should also consider their own video distribution and promotion on YouTube, TikTok, and their social channels. Over time, this will become another important source of traffic for your eCommerce offers.

HOW do you influence the sale: A video won't be effective unless it's based on a clear strategy. Savvy marketers will use video in these five ways (or combine them):

  • Demonstrate efficacy: Does your product have a performance benefit relative to the competition? Faster? Better? If so, video is likely a great way to "prove it" to your shopper either with a traditional side-by-side comparison or something a bit more creative. Purple's breakthrough advertising, for example, is a wonderful example of an efficacy demo that's also entertaining.
  • Drive appetite appeal: With a well-produced video, you can let your shopper hear the sizzle of that steak and see the steam coming off of a bowl of soup... But appetite isn't just about food! The sparkle of a diamond or the sound of an engine are also cues that can drive desire.
  • Overcome a barrier: Perhaps, despite its proven benefits, your product has a perceived weakness that's making shoppers nervous and driving high cart abandonment. If your product is seen as too complicated use video to show how easy it is to use (Kelty does a nice job of this). Need to address durability concerns? Demonstrate that the product can handle even the most extreme situations. The more entertaining you make these videos, the more they will get viewed and shared.
  • Reassure with social proof: 91% of shoppers claim to read ratings & reviews before buying. Why? Simple: They trust each other more than they trust advertisers (no surprise there). A social proof video can be as easy as a montage of your rating & review content but you'll almost certainly deliver more impact with live testimonials from your shoppers and influencers.
  • Create deeper connections with your story: Maybe your brand's appeal is driven by who makes it or how it's made. Is your spaghetti sauce based on a 100-year-old family recipe? If so, a good "founders story" could bring a special cachet to your product. Maybe the story you need to tell is about how your company is making a real difference for shoppers, employees, or even the community at large - if so, even better.

There are more reasons and more ways than ever to "Power Up" your eCommerce with video. Are you ready to get started? If so, we'd love to help.

BOLD's eCommerce specialists, including our in-house dev team, can activate video at every step along the shopper's journey (DTC or Retail). Our brilliant creative team can help you to envision and produce your next video masterpiece!

Schedule a meeting with our solutions team to get started...

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Allan Peretz
Post by Allan Peretz
August 4, 2021
Allan's an accomplished eCommerce leader with experience on brands of all sizes including SK-II, The Art of Shaving, Samsung, and Pampers. He's responsible for maintaining the strategies and "playbook" that we use to grow your business.