Welcome Peyton Boosey - Client Strategy Intern

Post by Karla White
July 5, 2022
Welcome Peyton Boosey - Client Strategy Intern

Peyton is a recent graduate from John Brown University with a double major in International Business and Management. She has experience working in retail, financial services, and project management. She is thrilled to join the Client Strategy team as their newest intern!

Here's a bit more about Peyton in her own words...

Why did you decide to join Bold Strategies?

I decided to join Bold Strategies because I want to be a part of a team that is passionate about eCommerce. There is so much growth happening in the eCommerce space and I am thrilled to have the chance to learn and grow with Bold Strategies.

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?

I believe my first purchase on Amazon was Christmas gifts for all my friends and family. This was exciting to me because I loved the convenience and accessibility of online shopping. This is still true for me today.

What is that one song that's the soundtrack to your life? If you're not a music lover, what's your favorite book?

New Light by John Mayer. I also love anything by LANY or Morgan Wallen.

If you could hop on a plane and not have to worry about expenses, where would you go?

If I could go anywhere, I would go to Santorini, Greece. With the stunning white houses and villages along the coast, I would love to visit someday!

"I'm happiest when I'm..."

I am happiest when I am spending time with my friends and family, enjoying each other’s company. I also love spending time outside and getting out in nature. Lastly, I am an avid coffee drinker and enjoy incorporating it into my daily routine.

"People would be surprised to know that..."

I have an identical twin sister.

Post by Karla White
July 5, 2022