Welcome Cynthia Stuker - Creative Director

Karla White
Post by Karla White
November 11, 2021
Welcome Cynthia Stuker - Creative Director

BOLD is excited to welcome our newest Creative Director, Cynthia Stuker, to the team!

Cynthia has over 15 years of experience as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Art Director with a passion for translating ideas and concepts into impactful designs that move people and drive results. Her extensive design experience, strong leadership qualities, and passion for her work make her a great asset to BOLD.

We wanted to get to know more about Cynthia in her own words. Here's what she had to say...

Where do you call home?

Bentonville, Arkansas. I moved here 16 years ago to start my career and now I can’t see myself living anywhere else. 

Why did you decide to join Bold Strategies?

I have focused my career on shopper marketing — eCommerce is the ‘now’ and ‘future’ of shopper marketing, so Bold was a natural next step. I am excited for everything ahead in this ever-evolving digital space.

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?

A Kindle, 10 years ago. I still have that same Kindle and read it every night. What does that say about me? Well, I’m a (digital) bookworm. Reading is a passion of mine. And, apparently, I hold on to things for a very long time.

What is that one song that's the soundtrack to your life? If you're not a music lover, what's your favorite book?

Do I have to choose just one? I love anything by Neil Gaiman. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’ve read the Harry Potter series at least a dozen times. I’m currently reading the first book in the Dune series and Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans.

If you could hop on a plane and not have to worry about expenses, where would you go? 

I’ve always loved the idea of traveling to Pompeii.

"I'm happiest when I'm..." 

I’m happiest when I’m creating, designing, imagining and dreaming. I’m happiest at home, with my family, supporting my son’s interests and fostering his passions. I’m happiest with friends and loved ones, over conversation and the occasional glass of wine.

"People would be surprised to know that..."
I have a passion for children’s literature and writing stories for children. I have more outlines and manuscripts than I care to admit in various forms of incomplete. Some day, in the distant future, I will retire to a secluded house in the woods to start on the biggest project of my life: completing those stories. 

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Karla White
Post by Karla White
November 11, 2021