Meet Alex Spohn, Client Strategy Account Manager

Amanda Ashley
Post by Amanda Ashley
May 22, 2024
Meet Alex Spohn, Client Strategy Account Manager

We are delighted to introduce Alex Spohn.  She is an Account Manager on our Client Services team.

Alex joins BOLD, with over 6 years of eCommerce experience. Most recently, she was at Marshall Associates leading client relationships and initiatives across Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Wayfair. Prior to that, Alex spent 2 years at Amazon working with/educating brands and sellers.

As a member of our client strategy team, she'll work to build and lead dynamic, omnichannel growth strategies for our clients. 

Alex says she decided to join Bold Strategies because of our team's passion about their clients, values, and work culture. "It’s an exciting opportunity to join the team in a new role, feeling like a rookie on an MVP team—like the Patriots and Tom Brady as the #1 draft pick, instead of Mac Jones."

Here's a bit more about Alex in her own words...

What's the first thing you ever bought on What does that say about you?
I think a college textbook, back in the day before I turned to Amazon for retail therapy. I probably should have read the budgeting chapter in that finance textbook a few more times, but at least my Amazon splurges are helping my clients' brands thrive!

What is that one song that's the soundtrack to your life? 
Not Afraid by Eminem  

Where would you go if you could hop on a plane without worrying about expenses?
Greece, top 10 islands, and Italy. 

I'm happiest when I'm...
At the beach.

People would be surprised to know that...
I have lived in 4 states and occasionally have a wicked-strong Boston accent.  

Learn more about Alex, or say hello!

Amanda Ashley
Post by Amanda Ashley
May 22, 2024
Marketing Director for BOLD