Has profitable online growth seemed impossible?

CPG brands need an omnichannel approach to grow eCommerce profitably.
Bold's innovative science based strategies drive brand visibility and increased product revenue online.

Does your brand struggle with...


Too Much Data & Not Enough Insight

Data can be overwhelming and disconnected, resulting in suboptimal decisions.
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eCommerce Share of Voice

Overcrowded marketplace with too many options for shoppers.
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Balancing Growth and Profitability

Making short-term investments that sacrifice long-term returns.

Ballooning Marketing Spend

The fragmentation and increasing expense of advertising is affecting ROI.
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What if?

You had a partner that could help you maximize your eCommerce potential. A partner that can combine strategic expertise with relentless optimization to drive real results.
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You need...

An eCommerce team that understands your brand, your goals, and the latest best practices.
Science based optimization for your brand produces reliable growth and execution.

Clear-eyed insights into exactly where to play and how to win in each channel.

Science-based optimization that produces reliable growth.

Quality & on-equity execution from start to finish.

Case Studies

Silver Hills Bakery

With BOLD’s knowledgeable and proficient teams, Silver Hills had a DTC website, Amazon page, and comprehensive marketing plan up and running in under 6 months.

Lilly’s of Charleston

Seeking to scale their product nationally, they knew it was time to launch on Amazon. BOLD Strategies became Lillie’s one-stop shop for optimizing and growing their digital market.

Avoid These 4 Approaches that Lead to Unprofitable and Uninspired eCommerce.

Don't let your eCommerce strategy fall victim to these common mistakes that can crush your profitability and creative quality.

Juggling multiple vendors with limited results

Working with fragmented solutions can lead to inconsistency and confusion, which can put your brand equity at risk.

Using set-and-forget approaches

Leaving web and e-retailer content unchanged can lead to missed opportunities for optimization and growth.

Attempting DIY with limited resources

While it may seem cost-effective to handle everything in-house, attempting a DIY approach without the right expertise or resources can result in gaps.

Relying on incomplete or incorrect data

Failing to analyze real-time data or use advanced scientific insights can limit your ability to make informed decisions and achieve growth.
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You can’t win at retail unless you win digitally-influence sales.

eCommerce now represents almost 15% of US retail and 100% of retail growth. 70% of purchase decisions start online.
Making eCommerce Profitable

Making the complex simple for digital profitability.

Master the art and science of digitally-influenced commerce.

Effective growth requires the perfect marriage of creative brand strategy and scientific data analysis, bridging the gap between art and science to maximize profitability.
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Vertical Leadership

Our proven, big-brand strategies and market intelligence give you a competitive edge in the ever changing CPG landscape.
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Constantly Execute with Equity in Mind

We use best-in-class tools, creative, and execution to ensure that every touchpoint with your customers reinforces your brand equity.
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Optimization Through Science

Our rigorous, data-driven approach and AI tools ensure that you’re always improving and achieving your growth goals while staying true to your brand’s identity
“BOLD is multi-talented and full service, helping us with website development, digital strategy, eCommerce paid media and operations, among other responsibilities. Their team is highly efficient, accommodating of changes, and always receptive to feedback to continually evolve our partnership.”
“We have partnered with BOLD and have been impressed by the skillset of the team, as well as their professionalism, level of accountability and ownership.”
FemiClear KORA Organics
Tyler Leung, Director of Brand Marketing, FemiClear
Josie Padilla, Cheif Operating Offer, KORA Organics
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Winning at the digital shelf shouldn’t come at the expense of brand equity

Find out how the art and science of digitally influence commerce can help your brand
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