Build Your DTC Success Story

With your own eCommerce Direct-to-Consumer website, you can achieve even greater profits and form deeper, data-enabled shopper relationships. As a Shopify partner, BOLD is ready to build you the store of your dreams!

We Have DTC Growth Down to a Science

We tackle your brand's growth in 3 steps:  Assess, Build, and Grow. We start with rigorous analysis of your existing website, brand assets, and competitors, build out your brand strategy and presence, and then manage aggressive growth plans with you.

About Our Process


How We Are different


Full-Funnel Optimizers

There's no "set and forget" in eCommerce. We A/B test, heatmap, and use other techniques to continuously improve your store content, your marketing, and pricing.


Proven CPG Leadership

The best tools, however, are useless without the right guidance. We invest in proven CPG brand leaders with the expertise to guide your brand's eCommerce strategy.


Relentlessly Creative

We're "idea people" and we just don't give up until we find breakthrough for your brand. If you're looking for aggressive plans and aggressive growth, we're your team!

Smart Tech Meets Smart People

Do you need a PIM or a DAM? How about Graphic Design Software? Heatmapping and Dashboards, anyone? We've already invested OUR money in the best tools that YOUR brand needs to grow so that you don't have to. We've also trained our team to scary-smart proficiency so that they're ready to go for you from "Day 1."


Build Your Dream Team


How to Win at eCommerce

Access our full library of resources, strategies, and growth hacks for your eCommerce business.