Figures studying analytics to form eCommerce strategies.

Your Winning Strategy Starts with Answers

Our Answers Team digs deep to provide eye-opening answers to the big questions about the market and competitive landscape.

Bar graph showing growth from using eCommerce strategies.

Master Your Category

We've got the answers to your biggest questions: How big is the category? What flavors and benefits are most and least popular? How price sensitive is the consumer?

Line graph showing growth from using eCommerce strategies.

Outsmart Competition

To beat your adversary, you must know who they are and what they're doing. Who's your biggest potential competitor online? How are they spending? How are they showing up to the shopper?

Pie graph showing growth from using eCommerce strategies.

Optimize Performance

BOLD Answers brings the whole picture together for you including web metrics, marketplace data, and your acquisition marketing efforts. Smart data + smart people = success!

Integrating Your Data with Ours

The best answers come when we can combine our data about the marketplace, competition, and category dynamics with the data you have in-house. Our team is expert in bringing these together for one time projects and even in your "live" business dashboards.

Figures studying analytics to form eCommerce strategies.

Custom Analyses to Answer Your Biggest Questions

If you don't find what you're looking for in our catalog of existing analyses and dashboards, we're also ready to take on custom eCommerce analyses to your exacting specifications. Let's innovate together - bring it on!

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ReviewBrain™ by BOLD!

Ratings and reviews data is one of the richest information sources you can get about your brand and your competitors. Dive deep into brand equity, customer satisfaction, and shopper experience on Walmart, Amazon, and your own DTC store with ReviewBrain™, BOLD’s newest analytic platform!

Learn More About ReviewBrain™

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Lay the foundation for success.

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Stand out on the digital shelf.

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Optimize your media strategy.

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Keep products in stock and on time.