Bold Retail Offers a "Marketplace Makeover" to Amazon Vendors


BENTONVILLE, Ark., September 26, 2019 – Bold Retail, Inc. today launched Marketplace Makeover™, a new service built to help Amazon 1st party sellers effectively harness the power of Amazon’s rapidly growing 3rd party eCommerce marketplace.

 “Today’s fastest growing brands use Marketplace selling to win and, as a result, the Marketplace now represents the majority of Amazon’s sales,” according to Bold Retail CEO Allan Peretz. “We’ve helped companies of all sizes navigate how to win in this space – our new service combines everything we’ve learned into a streamlined, step-by-step process.”

In just four weeks, Bold’s proprietary approach addresses 5 areas essential for any brand’s success:

  • Size of the Prize: Bold determines the brand’s Marketplace sales opportunity using proprietary calculations that leverage competitive sales benchmarks and shopper search volume.
  • Competitor and Reseller Landscape: A comprehensive category audit identifies both established and emerging players that could threaten the brand’s growth.
  • Cost to Compete: Marketing and promotion budgets are determined through assessment of competitive marketing activity levels and actual category-specific marketing costs.
  • Portfolio Strategy: Based on assessment of pricing trends and of fulfillment costs (using Amazon’s FBA service or other 3PL alternatives), Bold provides SKU-level prioritization and provides profitable bundle and solution packs recommendations.
  • Capability & Compliance: Finally, the Makeover addresses internal capability, highlighting specific areas that each brand may need to address based on their plans (including internal accounting and tax implications along with volume forecasting, pricing, and other processes).

COO Horacio Trevino said, “Our decades of experience as CPG brand leaders makes Bold uniquely suited to understand the internal and external considerations our clients face. We’ve built this Marketplace solution with the CPG Brand Director, Channel Leader, and General Manager in mind—we’ve been there, and we know what you need. We’re ready to help you, from assessment to implementation.”

The process begins with an initial expert consultation, which Bold provides at no charge. Brands seeking additional information or a consultation can go to or email

About Bold Retail, Inc.

Bold Retail’s eCommerce approach combines the best of what big and small companies are doing to grow online today on,, and on their own DTC stores. The founding team includes award-winning Fortune 50 marketing and eCommerce executives with decades of marketing and management experience on brands like Samsung, Campbell’s, Pampers, and The Art of Shaving.

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