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Ready for a smarter way to innovate?

We transform the Internet into your own Digital Test Market™ to optimize and de-risk your product launch.

Real Shoppers. Real Purchases. Real World.

A failed product launch can cost millions and damage your brand's reputation. Using our Digital Test Market™ approach we’ll create small scale experimental sales on platforms like Amazon and custom test websites so you can get to big-scale results!
No simulations. No guesswork. Just real-world shopper data.




Support at Every Stage

Your team at BOLDLabs® supports you throughout the entire innovation journey, from screening
to creating content and web stores to managing media plans.

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Digital Test Market™

Before committing significant resources to making and selling your product innovation, this is your chance to discover:

  • Do you have the right assortment?
  • Is your price strategy on target?
  • What is your media performance?
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Rapid Idea Screening

We’ll help you separate the greats from the also rans. In a matter of days, you’ll understand which ideas drive appeal and purchase intent and get to the “why.”

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Content Optimization

By using techniques like heat mapping, A/B testing, and surveys, we determine the best approach and help you bring that to life with words and visuals.


Predictive Sales Modeling

Determine your sales potential. Our analysis combined with exhaustive competitive benchmarking will give you the clarity you need.

Real Results from the World’s Largest Retailers

Simulations simply can’t predict real-world behavior. That’s why we test on the world’s largest and most frequently visited sites and marketplaces.

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  • Group 243-1
  • Group 295-1

The Best in
Tech and Tools

Following a proven playbook, we learn everything we possibly can from shoppers during testing by using cutting-edge tech and tools.

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    Qualitative User Testing
  • Group 307-1
  • Group-317
    A/B Testing
  • Group 298
  • Group-346
    Volume Forecasting

Fueling Innovation Since 2017

BOLDLabs® is a division of Bold Strategies, Inc. We’ve
helped over 150 brands succeed at eCommerce, earning
us rave reviews from our clients. This has 
rocketed our company to the top of Inc5000!

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President, Carbonaut

“Last year, we made a big bet on eCommerce acceleration and we needed a partner who could help us on every part of our program. BOLD came in and designed an integrated capability including DTC, Retail, and Media. We’ve exceeded our forecast thanks
to their help!”

Chief Operating Officer, KORA Organics

“We have partnered with BOLD and have been impressed by the skillset of the team, as well as their professionalism, level of accountability and ownership. They have proven thus far that they are truly an extension of our team and recommend them highly.”

President, iSee Store Innovations

“BOLD has been great to work with and has been a proven partner of ours from the beginning. From initial market research to new product launches they have been there for us every step of the way. I can’t recommend
their team enough!”

Your Launch is Approaching

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