Bold Retail Launches Bold.Bargains


BENTONVILLE, AR --- Bold Retail, Inc., an Arkansas-based eCommerce consultancy announced today the launch of Bold Bargains, a "private deal club" that allows shoppers to save up to 80% on a variety of goods available on and other sites. Bold Retail developed the site as a mechanism to drive new product sales and to collect early feedback on items that could allow marketing and product improvements.

Allan Peretz, the company's president, said "We help lots of different brands get their products online. One of the biggest challenges they face is getting momentum early on. Bold Bargains was designed to solve that problem and it's a win win - shoppers get a great deal and brands get a fast start."

Bold Retail will be using social media advertising as the primary way to get shoppers to the site but the site is open to all visitors. "We welcome any shopper who wants to try the site," said Peretz, "especially if they're willing to give us a little product feedback." The site went live with the new year on January 1, 2019.

About Bold Retail:

Bold Retail helps brands grow faster online. The company’s proprietary playbook combines the best of what big companies and small companies are doing to grow today. The company was founded by CPG executives who have decades of experience on the world’s biggest brands and with the world’s brightest startups. Please visit for the latest news and information about Bold Retail, Inc.

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