Landscape showing different aspects to a successful eCommerce business such as Walmart, Shopify, and Amazon.

A Proven Process

Shiny new graphics and A+ pages will only get you so far. Our process starts much earlier with category, pricing, and portfolio strategy and THEN delivers success with brilliant execution.

The Assess Phase

BOLD's single biggest expense, after people, is data. Our insights toolbox combines 12 different sources to deliver comprehensive market visibility included competitive sales, SEO, marketing costs, and more. With BOLD, you know Where to Play and How to Win!


Team analyzing data to continue being a successful eCommerce business.

The Build Phase

There’s a science behind what goes into your eCommerce presence. Building on our assessment, we'll recommend portfolio, pricing, merchandising, and marketing. We'll also build out your presence across your retail channels.



Professionals using tools to find eCommerce solutions.

The Grow Phase

Once your retail is set up and looking great, it's time to accelerate your growth! Our team will design and execute comprehensive marketing plans, conduct in market tests, and keep you on top of progress with real-time business dashboards.



Team choosing eCommerce strategies.

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