Power Your DTC and Marketplace Growth

Whether you're selling on,, or your own website, our Retail Team knows exactly what it takes to ensure your brand thrives.

Built to be Multi-Channel

BOLD was built from the ground up to support you across retail. In addition to our deep knowledge and proprietary tools on the biggest marketplaces (Walmart and Amazon), we can syndicate your content to over 50 other retailers and distributors and develop custom marketing plans to win at any point of distribution. Our team also has deep retail knowledge and relationships. We’ve cut our teeth sitting face-to-face with buyers in Bentonville, Seattle, Toronto, Minneapolis, and other major retail headquarters. We can help you scale your efforts while also delivering on the specific needs of each priority retailer.


A Strategic Approach to Retail


Channel Strategy

So you've got a product that shoppers love, eh? Great! But where and, more importantly, how should you sell it? Our team will guide you on retailers, portfolio, and pricing.


Retailer Implementation

One of the biggest challenges of multi-channel eCommerce is setting up the wiring to each retailer... Or, you can work with BOLD - we've already done it!


Business Management

Eyes on the prize! Unless you're tracking every part of your eCommerce empire, you'll never reach potential. Every week, your BOLD team will find you the wins.

An Extension of Your Team

Some clients just want a little help while others want us to manage it all for them. Whatever your preference, you'll find very willing partners at BOLD. We leave our egos at the door and are here to help you and your team succeed!


Leaders Proven by Decades at Retail

Our teams are led by proven CPG experts who have spent their careers learning how to win on Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Target, and at many other retailers. Their strategies and decades of experience are now available to your brand.


Bold Answers

Lay the foundation for success.

Bold Retail

Stand out on the digital shelf.

Bold Campaigns

Optimize your media strategy.

Bold Fulfillment

Keep products in stock and on time.