Welcome Winfield Canque - Customer Support Specialist

Post by Karla White
January 12, 2021
Welcome Winfield Canque - Customer Support Specialist

We are excited to welcome Winfield Canque to the BOLD team as our newest Customer Support Specialist!

Winfield Canque has five years of combined work experience in technical support and customer service. He brings his passion for providing exceptional customer service and extensive experience in handling customer inquiries, complaints and concerns, assisting and tracking orders, providing troubleshooting steps, and resolving issues.

Here’s a bit more about Winfield in his own words...

What's your hometown?
Cebu City has been my home for over 20 years.

Why did you decide to join BOLD Strategies?
I decided to join BOLD Strategies since the management and the client that I spoke with are so professional. I am excited to be a part of this growing team.

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?
To be honest I never bought anything yet on Amazon, but my auntie bought a Minecraft game on Amazon because her kids really want that game.

What's your favorite book?
The Lord of the Rings series

What's your favorite place?
EL Dorado Sports Complex and places that have a clean beach area or swimming pool.

"I'm happiest when I'm..."
At the basketball court and at the beach or pool. I really like playing basketball with my friends, it makes me feel so happy. I also love the beach or pool. The ocean and the way it smells, the sound of the waves crashing, the sand, watching the fishes, the sunrise and sunset, It really makes me feel so relaxed and so happy.

"People would be surprised to know that..."
I can run on the treadmill with a maximum speed of 20 kmph.

Post by Karla White
January 12, 2021