Welcome Taylor Pannell - Manager, Retail Strategy

Post by Karla White
March 10, 2020
Welcome Taylor Pannell - Manager, Retail Strategy

We are excited to welcome Taylor Pannell to the BOLD team as our newest Manager for Retail Strategy!

Taylor is an Arkansas native and a graduate of Mississippi State University. He is a marketing, broadcasting, and communications professional with extensive experience in a multitude of platforms as well as expertise in communication strategy and social media.

Here's a bit more about Taylor in his own words...

What's your home town?

Cabot, Arkansas

Why did you decide to join Bold Retail?

I set out for a career change! I wanted new challenges, goals and new fulfillment in my work life. Luckily, my wife knew of the opportunities at Bold Retail, Inc. and the great work they were doing. After reaching out to some of my contacts and speaking with them about Bold's reputation in eCommerce I knew it would be a great fit.

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?

The first thing I bought on Amazon.com was textbooks. I was a penny-pinching college student who was looking for the cheapest option and Amazon delivered. I'm still a penny-pincher to this day, although I've got to still budget in that Amazon Prime membership...

What's your favorite book?

I'll be honest, I'm a millennial who actually reads the newspaper every morning and that's what I would encourage folks to read. As for books though I try to read a personal development book once a quarter.

What's your favorite place?

Somewhere along the Gulf Coast! It is one of my favorite regions where I have made a lot of memories.

"I'm happiest when I'm..."

When I'm with family. In my career, I've worked many holidays and long hours, so I value any time I get to spend with them!

"People would be surprised to know that..."

For five years I worked in the broadcasting industry and during that time I received a couple of Emmy nominations.

Post by Karla White
March 10, 2020