Welcome Sarah Boll - Account Executive, Solutions

Post by Karla White
July 1, 2022
Welcome Sarah Boll - Account Executive, Solutions

Sarah graduated from the University of Arkansas with two degrees – Communication and Advertising/Public Relations. Her experience as a volleyball athlete has instilled in her both a competitive drive and a desire to work in a collaborative team environment.

Here's a bit more about Sarah in her own words...

Why did you decide to join Bold Strategies?

I wanted to surround myself with an ambitious, innovative, and fun work environment where I can learn to excel in the industry, Plus, Darcy is amazing!

What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?

First thing ever?? That is a tough question to answer because I am always purchasing items on Amazon. I probably bought clothes because I love online shopping!

What is that one song that's the soundtrack to your life? If you're not a music lover, what's your favorite book?

"Sara" by Fleetwood Mac

If you could hop on a plane and not have to worry about expenses, where would you go?

New York City

"I'm happiest when I'm..."

Hanging out with my friends & family.

"People would be surprised to know that..."

McDonald's is my favorite place to eat!

Post by Karla White
July 1, 2022