Welcome Mike Jalapan - Web Developer

Post by Karla White
April 27, 2022
Welcome Mike Jalapan - Web Developer

We are excited to welcome Mike Jalapan to the BOLD team as our newest Web Developer!

Mike has over six years of experience in creating websites from scratch for eCommerce and other industries. He's handled client interface development, plug-in modification, and more. In his spare time, he volunteers in his local community and serves at food drives.

Here’s a bit more about Mike in his own words...

What’s your hometown? 

Baybay City, Leyte Philippines. A small city on the western side of the province of Leyte. Baybay City has been my home for the past 14 years.

Why did you decide to join BOLD Strategies?

The timing could not be any better. I felt stuck being the only web developer on an android/ios developer team. I needed a “Bolder” change. I felt comfortable talking to Karla and Brent during my interview and they showed me that the upcoming years will be exciting for Bold Retail. I could not refuse to join and continue providing solutions for our clients.

What was the first thing you bought on Amazon?

The first thing I bought on Amazon was a customized “I love Mama” frame for Mother’s Day. It was only around $23.00 but still, my mother loves the gift. She placed it at her favorite working desk, so it was a money well-spent. I believe that says that I am a family man and maybe a cheap person? Lol

What’s your favorite book?

Anything from the “For Dummies…” book series

What’s your favorite place?

Coron and El Nindo – Palawan Philippines

I’m happiest when I’m…

with my fiancéhopefully, Mrs. Jalapan soon.

People would be surprised to know that…

I could sing Bon Jovi’s hits.

Post by Karla White
April 27, 2022