Welcome Brent Reader - Senior Developer

Post by Karla White
November 5, 2019
Welcome Brent Reader - Senior Developer

We're delighted to welcome Brent Reader to the Bold Retail team in a newly created role, Senior Developer! In this role, Brent will enhance our web and eCommerce offerings . Brent has a deep background in web design, development and digital marketing, helping small to mid-size businesses grow their online presence. Here's more of Brent's story...

What's your home town?

Bentonville, Arkansas


Why did you decide to join Bold Retail?

I have my fiancee to thank for that. She has an exceptional eye for great opportunities, and she sent me a link to one of Bold Retail's press releases. After reading a few articles on the website describing their approach to e-commerce, I immediately inquired about openings on the team. Speaking with Allan and learning more about the company confirmed it was the right decision.


What's the first thing you ever bought on Amazon.com? What does that say about you?

First thing bought on Amazon and what it says about me: I received a $25 Amazon gift card as a high school graduation present from my dentist. The dot-com bubble had just burst, and, at the time, Amazon still sold mostly books and movies. I remember thinking, "This is kind of cool, but what's the point when I can just go to one of the bookstores in town? These guys won't survive much longer!" After browsing for a bit, I decided to put the money toward the required summer reading list for one of my freshman-level college courses. I guess that says I am thrifty, practical, and a bit of a nerd?


What's your favorite book?

Too many to list!


What's your favorite place?

Andalusia and Morocco


"I'm happiest when I'm..." 

...spending quality time with my children, and they're actually getting along with each other! 


"People would be surprised to know that..."

I can play several musical instruments.


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Post by Karla White
November 5, 2019