BOLD Launches Focus 2.0, A Cross-Retail Analytics Platform

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November 11, 2021
BOLD Launches Focus 2.0, A Cross-Retail Analytics Platform

ROGERS, Ark., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bold Strategies, Inc. — an end-to-end eCommerce service provider serving the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector — today announced the launch of FOCUS 2.0, an eCommerce analytics platform designed for speed and simplicity.

With just one tool and in less than 10 minutes, clients using the Focus 2.0 dashboard can track their media and brand performance across over 30 different retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Kroger and on their own DTC websites. The dashboard is only available to BOLD® clients.

eCommerce sales now represent over 15% of total retail sales and are expected to grow 18% this year. To grow, CPG brands need to win online and this requires market visibility. Today's frustrating patchwork of tools and data portals makes this nearly impossible, especially for small to mid-sized brands who don't have large IT teams. Further complicating matters, brands are expected to spend $30 billion on retailer website advertising ("retail media") this year and each retailer has different systems with their own idiosyncrasies. Without Focus 2.0, brands need to look at each retailer's data separately often with inconsistent measures, time periods, and product definitions.

"Our whole goal at BOLD is to simplify and demystify eCommerce for brands so that they can focus on their business," said BOLD Strategies Senior Vice President of Solutions Darcy Ramler. "This new launch saves time and frustration not only for BOLD clients but also for our own employees who are definitely popping the champagne today."

With just one login to the Focus 2.0 Dashboard, BOLD's clients can see:

  • eCommerce sales across DTC and retail
  • ROI of their Search and Social investments
  • ROI of their Retail Media investments
  • Inventory levels and out-of-stocks
  • Status of ongoing marketing and creative projects

In addition to providing market visibility, the tool is also intended to facilitate collaboration. "We designed Focus 2.0 to get everyone on the same page and to drive the important discussions that we need to have with brands. It helps teams to jointly identify issues and opportunities. It also drives accountability on both sides of the table to ensure that we're always moving forward together."

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Post by Bold Strategies
November 11, 2021