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A Marketplace Makeover for Amazon Vendors


We're proud to announce today's launch of Bold Retail's new "Marketplace Makeover" service for Amazon Vendors! This 4-week process provides Amazon 1st party vendors with a comprehensive assessment of their brands' Marketplace opportunities and a custom plan for winning as 3rd party or "hybrid" sellers.

Marketplace selling now represents over half of total Amazon sales and continues to grow. As traditional 1st party "Vendor" selling becomes more difficult, brands are selecting 3rd party "Marketplace" selling because of the flexibility it offers and, in many cases, the increased opportunities to generate profit. Integrated services like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can greatly simplify operations for participating brands.

Bold Retail has helped over 50 companies, including several of the Fortune 100, evaluate how best to approach Amazon's Marketplace and our learning is built in to this new 4-week process that will address:

  • Your brand's Marketplace "size of prize"
  • Your Marketplace competitor and reseller landscape
  • Your cost to compete with marketing & promo
  • Portfolio strategy / SKU prioritization
  • Internal capability and compliance

We offer a free consultation to any company seeking to better understand Marketplace selling and what it means for their brands. If you're interested in exploring the "Marketplace Makeover," please visit or email

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