Our Team

BOLD brings together proven CPG experts and emerging digital talent to create custom eCommerce departments for our clients. 


Allan Peretz, President of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Allan Peretz


Among other senior leadership experiences, Allan was selected by the world's biggest CPG company to lead direct eCommerce globally for a range of brands including Gillette, Old Spice, and SK-II. In addition to leading our team, he owns BOLD's strategies and eCommerce "playbook."

Horacio Trevino, Chief Operating Officer of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Horacio Trevino

Chief Operating Officer

For over 20 years at P&G, Horacio has built brands around the globe and reignited struggling businesses. He is a master at defining and executing winning strategies on retail platforms like Amazon and Walmart.com. He is a relentless brand optimizer with a winning spirit.

Lisa Peretz, Co-Founder, VP Products of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Lisa Peretz

Co-Founder, VP Products

Having built several brands "from scratch," Lisa has over 15 years of eCommerce experience. A top-rated seller, she knows how to achieve impeccable metrics on the top eCommerce marketplaces. She's an expert in sourcing, supply chain, and customer service. 

Karla White, Sr. Director, Team Operations of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Karla White

Sr. Director, Team Operations

Karla’s extensive background in team building, project management, accounting, and human resources makes her an indispensible part of the team (aka our work mom). She makes sure we have everything we need to do our best and has been instrumental in Bold’s growth.

Justin Long, VP, Creative of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Justin Long

Vice President, Creative

Justin is a true visionary who creates new ideas and turns them into compelling executions. His experience includes brand development, packaging, digital, and in-store. When it comes to crafting content that converts browsers into buyers, he’s one of the best.

Darcy Ramler, SVP of Solutions

Darcy Ramler

SVP, Solutions

Darcy has worked in the apparel industry for over 15 years, during which she has cultured new opportunities with major retailers and ensured profitable growth. Outside of work this proud mother of two is also a world champion in Jiu Jitsu.

Natalie Krickovic, VP, Retail Strategy of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.

Natalie Krickovic

Vice President, Retail Strategy

A native of Toronto, Canada, Natalie has spent the past 15 years working with top-tier retailers and brands including Abbott Nutrition, Barilla, Walmart, and L’Oréal. She's data-driven in all she does and influencing shopper behavior is one of her super powers.


Carolina Rodriguez

Sr. Director, Retail Strategy

Carolina moved to the US from Colombia to earn her MBA in Marketing. She spent 12 years developing brands and successful businesses for companies like Nestle, DIRECTV/AT&T and Avon, specializing in leading brand strategy and complex integrated marketing plans.

Christina Downey, Sr. Director of Retail Strategy

Christina Downey

Sr. Director, Retail Strategy

Christina has extensive experience in building brands and has previously worked for companies like Abbott and Milkadamia. She is a natural leader who celebrates talent, empowers others, and inspires those around her to embrace challenge.

Matt Toutain, Senior Director of Retail Strategy

Matt Toutain

Sr. Director, Retail Strategy

Matt got his start 12 years ago as a Category Manager with CSN Stores (now Wayfair). He has helped multiple brands navigate the eCommerce ecosystem across many retail platforms, and he brings to BOLD a wealth of experience in strategic planning and execution.

Marcel van Eeden, Senior Director of Retail Media

Marcel Van Eeden

Sr. Director, Retail Media

Leveraging over 13 years of experience working with startups and the "Big 4" consulting firms and an MS degree in Human Computer Interaction, Marcel helps our clients build, grow, and scale their businesses on Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.


Brent Reader, Director, Technology & Development of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Brent Reader
Director, Development
Chase Carter
Director, Creative & Dev
Doneé Damore
Director, Retail Strategy
Drake Taylor, Director of Retail Strategy for eCommerce Agency, BOLD
Drake Taylor
Director, Retail Strategy
Megan Cahill, Director, Campaign Strategy of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Megan Cahill
Director, Campaign Strategy
Sean Harp, Director, Strategic Solutions of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Sean Harp
Director, Strategic Solutions
Tyler Tatum, Director of Retail Strategy
Tyler Tatum
Director, Retail Strategy
Alexander Obedo, Manager, Creative & Dev of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Alexander Obedo
Manager, Development
Allison Smith
Manager, Campaigns & Media
Ashley Ragan, Copywriter
Ashley Ragan
Audrey Veloso, Manager, Creative & Dev of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Audrey Veloso
Manager, Creative
Beth Bejar
Beth Bejar
Manager, Retail Media
Bonnie Simon, Manager, Creative & Dev of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Bonnie Simon
Manager, Development
Justine Hamoy
Justine Hamoy
Planner, Creative & Dev
Karen Pat
Manager, Campaigns
Karen Regpala
Karen Regpala
Copywriter, Creative
Karina Brodeth
Analyst, Bold Answers
Madelyn Smith
Manager, Campaign Strategy
Moira Manuel
Marketing Specialist
Precious Lopez
Manager, Bold Answers
Rocky Rojas, Manager, Creative & Dev of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Rocky Rojas
Manager, Creative
Sarah Day, Manager, Creative & Dev of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Sarah Day
Manager, Creative
Taylor Pannell, Manager, Retail Strategy of eCommerce Agency, BOLD.
Taylor Pannell
Manager, Retail Strategy
Winfield Canque
Customer Support Specialist


BOLD was born out of frustration with today’s hyper-fragmented eCommerce landscape. Our founders are proven CPG experts and emerging entrepreneurs who envisioned an easier way to grow online. They did away with the multi-agency model to provide true end-to-end services and aggressive online growth for CPG brands.

Because our legacy was founded on BOLD ideas, we embrace values that challenge us, help us grow, and give us a reason to be excited about our work.


We Choose The Hard Right

We do the right thing, always, even when it's a harder road to follow. With every decision, we aim to improve the lives of our clients, our employees, and our community.

We Set BOLD Targets

We believe that anything is possible, and we audaciously chase the win. eCommerce is our battlefield and we're always on the offensive.

We Nurture Powerful Ideas

We are fearlessly creative and hunger for new ideas that break new ground. We encourage smart risks within our team and challenge our clients to do the same.

We "Figure It Out"

We choose courage over comfort and never shy away from what we don't know. The answers are almost always out there, and when they're not, we create them.

We Enjoy The Ride

We laugh in the face of adversity and we never, ever take ourselves too seriously. We accomplish more when we enjoy what we do and who we do it with.


At BOLD, we empower everyone on our team to have a voice and challenge each other to grow. We produce great work because we've put together a team of incredibly talented, smart people who are excited to help brands succeed at eCommerce. It’s not your average office vibe.

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